Saturday, March 10, 2012

PAPM Outings 2012: Gris Gris

Nearly two years have passed since PAPM went on an outing to Gris Gris.
This time, we were a bit uncertain about the weather as it had been raining a few days before. However, we had a nice attendance this time as well, a mixture of old and new members, who probably knew each other only via Facebook and the PAPM group page and not so much in reality. This was the ideal moment to share their passion for photography in real.
After the initial meetup, members dispersed along the beach and cliffs to take pics but the following pictures sum up the group collaborative spirit - Chitra proposed a different (and more enjoyable) group pic, which SanSan helped to coordinate.

The human PAPM logo was suggested by Zafir and coordinated by one of the admins, Bhamesh. While the weather was scorching hot and the sand uncomfortable to lie on, our friends did not hesitate to lie down and express their belonging to the group: 

See you guys soon for the next outing!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

PAPM Outings 2012: Le Dauguet

After a long hiatus, we're resuming the blog for some updates and posts.

On Sunday 29 January, we had our first PAPM outing of the year 2012! Initially scheduled a couple of weeks back, the event was subsequently postponed due to bad weather.
About 20 PAPMers turned up for the event, which consisted of a mini trek along the Dauguet health track as well as some off track trekking. Along the way, they also had the opportunity to take shots of some of the lush greenery and natural scenery. I believe most found the mini-trek a very interesting experience.

Here is a group picture, taken and kindly shared by Idriss:

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A few pictures from the group

Hello folks,

it's been a while since we posted anything on the blog, but here we are posting some more pictures our members clicked lately. Before posting anything though, our members had an outing lately in Port-Louis and it proved a big day for them because as always they got to know new members. But this time, there were many newbies and quite a cheering crowd. They clicked, had fun, and posted so many pictures. It goes without saying that much more than a special bond of friendship now ties those photographers.

Now here are some of the nice pictures I wanted to share with you after so long !

Sham Jolimie by Frederic Melotte
and he is proud to say his picture was featured on BBC website! Congrats!

by Michael Gibson Les Paul

Krish G by Sandeep Doorgah

Black River Gorges Natural Park by Naaweed Meeajan
Picture by Furhzaad Furhz

Time by Shil Poon

Nova by Aqill Gopee

A concept by Avinash Susty

Trafalgar Square at night by Haviiyel Siilvercatzz

My Heart is Yours by Raj K-b

Avisha Tessa Lo by Avinash Susty

Sunset on Flic en Flac by Vidz Formers

Have a nice Sunday !

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Event: Photographic outing to Port-Louis

Hello everyone,

With lots of changes lately, we barely had time to decide on an outing for you guys and we know that everyone has been craving for a day out with "papam pals" to enjoy, share and take photos.

So here I am tonight, inviting you to the next outing of PAPM. We are planning on a photographic trip to Port-Louis. The meeting point is at Caudan Waterfront at 9:00 a.m. (and let's hope I am not late again)!

We will divide into groups, you can choose your partners and then set out in the city to take pictures to get back at Caudan at 3:00 p.m. Now we thought this time it would be nice to give you a little assignment; take Portraits, Street Photography and Urban Landscape pictures. You can take other things too but we thought we would put the emphasis on some specific genres. So I hope you will be more than happy to join us on the 31st July at 9 o'clock in Caudan, Port-Louis.

See you all soon!

Check the event page here.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Dear PAPM members,

Firstly we would like to express our gratitude to all the existing members and new ones for joining the new Facebook group and continue the PAPM adventure while sharing our passion for photography and having fun.

Since PAPM 2.0 is operational, we unfortunately have encountered some issues with this new layout, among missing features such as a proper discussion tab which we hope Facebook will upgrade soon. 

The issues are namely:
- No direct uploading from your personal albums.
- Members are creating personal albums on PAPM when it is not allowed.

- No possibility for admins to send a message to all members
- No possibility to name officers, only administrators.
- No proper discussion tab available.
- No transparency in posts.

For the first issue, the current group layout does not allow members to upload pictures on PAPM 2.0 directly from their personal albums on their profile. Therefore, again, upload on the group via the wall in the comment box from your computer.

The second issue is the posting of private albums, which constitutes major problems as it breaks the unity among viewers (separates them from other daily uploads); there is no continuity for members to view and comment easily and it can lead to unmanageable private albums in the future. Imagine everyone posting an album each day, it would be very difficult for admins to control and members to view properly. So this leaves us with no better alternative than to prohibit personal albums on PAPM, leaving only the daily uploads on the wall, and two seperate albums for commercial and artistic nude photography. These had lead to issues in the past and thus the reason for their existence.

The third important issue is the message problem. Right now, it is impossible for administrators of the group to send a common message to all members like we used to do on the original PAPM. We ask therefore of you to check as soon as possible the wall and the blog for news and information. We hope that very soon, Facebook will remedy to this lack of common mail feature on their new group format.

Also, among other issues, Facebook new group layout also does not allow officers to be appointed, which results in a diminished team and more workload for the only two present admins (Khatleen Minerve and Ali Ghanty). So this results in the promotion of past officers and admins from the old group. The admin panel now comprises of:
Khatleen Minerve,
Ali Ghanty,
Raj K-b,
Nim B Arasen
And Bhamesh Deeshal.

Admins will thus make a rotation among themselves, sharing tasks while some may step down for a short period. We will also announce an official admin recruitment among existing members of PAPM 2.0 soon.

Last but not least, we ask members for transparency. This particular word is important, because whilst it is common sense that admins are not online 24/7, we would be grateful to members for alerting us of new issues via private emails (to admins) instead of raising up useless debates on the wall, when they are easily avoidable, and are not nice to read. There can be misinterpretation, especially when we are not face to face. Some members asked for transparency when dealing with problems and we think it is right and for this reason we will solve issues in discretion with the offender rather than shout it out loud.

Finally, we are pleased to announce the winner of the PAPM Photography competition proposal for the Rahat Fateh Ali Khan concert, due to the end of this month, and the winner is BU RT. We had sent all participants' links to the event organizers and they have chosen Bu Rt for this excellent low light performance.

Thank you for reading this long post. We hope that PAPM functions smoothly and with your help to evolve into the best photographic community in Mauritius.

PAPM Admins

Saturday, July 2, 2011

PAPM 2.0

Hello PAPMers,

As you have noticed since quite some time now, our group has been undergoing some changes: no more "Add photos" button; no more "Like" button or comment box at times; and lately we have been asked to update the group to the new format Facebook uses now.

Admins and officers of PAPM have discussed and tried to seek out solutions to keep the old group but we have to confess our disappointment as Facebook clearly states that old group cannot be updated to the new format. Therefore, here we are announcing to you that a new platform for our photography community has been created and shall now goes by the name of PAPM 2.0.

All members of the original group can now request to join the new group; Ali Ghanty will be taking care of your request as soon as possible. Those who do no request will not be added by us in the group, unless you are in our friend list since Facebook does not allow us to export the original community to the new group. Therefore, we ask you once again to please check your inbox (or Others in Messages) for our mail and updates on the current situation. A message with the link to PAPM 2.0 has been sent to all members for them to be able to join.

We hope this transition will go on smoothly and we require your patience while we treat your requests.

For those who have already joined the new group, we hope you are enjoying fully the new features of the group: chat between members; direct posting to the albums of the group; quick, simple and user-friendly interface; etc.

Have fun and do not forget to follow the rules ! They are the same!
Nude photography as well as commercial photography are now accepted on PAPM 2.0 but remember that they should be posted to the albums dedicated to them !

Wish you all a great Saturday night and maybe some of you will be getting down with the funk like me with Jamiroquai !

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Coming soon
. . . 

PAPM 2.0

Saturday, June 11, 2011

PAPM Photography competition for concert

PAPM Photography competition proposal for the RAHAT FATEH ALI KHAN CONCERT in July.

SND Entertainments is bringing you the concert of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, a famous Indian singer.

As a means to boost PAPM, one of our officers has managed to set the job as a competition. The winning photographer will cover the event but also, the activities of

the singer while he is on stay here for two-three days, encompassing his shows and activities in the country.
To motivate photographers to give their best, the winner of this competition will win a CASH PRIZE of Rs 50,000 !!!!

It is required for the competition that the entrants post in total 7 PHOTOS:

- 3 pictures on Nightlife/Cultural events photography
- 4 pictures on Portraiture - 2 with artificial lights & 2 with natural light.

The pictures must be uploaded in an album titled PAPM Concert Contest & "name of photographer - real name" on the profile of the photographer, his album must be public and a link must be posted on the event page.

All the pictures must bear the following information in caption:
The title of the picture,
The date the picture was taken,
The category to which the picture belong.

It is important that the pictures are RECENT, that is not older than 3 months from the day posted.

The entrants need to know that the end-purpose of the competition is to choose a photographer who will picture a great singer at a CONCERT in JULY ! The lighting conditions being ever changing, we need a photographer who will be able to adapt to different lighting conditions and also who will have the necessary gears to manage in those low light conditions.

The pictures will be examined at the end of the month by a panel, comprising of administrators and officers of PAPM but also by a photographer who is not part of the board of Admins & officers. Those participating will of course not be among the judges.

Wishing all of you guys good luck and encourages everyone to give it a shot!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Beautiful pictures on PAPM

Talent is a virtue that we must nurture in this era where superficiality is overpowering many among us.
With this, I'd like to share some of the best pictures I have seen lately on PAPM, many from new members.

Beautiful picture of the lighthouse of Albion by Irshad Rahimbux 

 Jimmy Banjeet's Eden 

 Beach boys by Bryan Martin

Nature as Jack Icard sees it 

 A heavenly princess among ruins by Jean-Paul Maujean

Little Bird by Poonoosamy Niren 

Gorgeous shot by Vidz Formers

Have a wonderful week everybody.

Highlight of the week

Hello everybody,

This is just a little highlight of one of the striking picture I have seen this week on PAPM and it is that of one of your ex-admin, Raj K-b who shot this moving picture of a man sitting on the road on the night of the Chinese Festival in China Town, Port-Louis.. 

Here is the picture accompanied by the beautiful text written by Raj K-b himself.

The show was nice and now everyone's gone,
Who will look me in the eye,
Who will care enough,
To give me a piece of bread,
Something to satisfy
That all-consuming hunger?

Monday, April 11, 2011

PAPM at Albion

Two weeks ago, PAPM members were present in Albion for an outing. As we do more outings, the crowd of PAPMers seems to be growing even bigger t much of our pleasure for we are now getting more familiar with everybody. But most important, is the fact that we are building new ties and consolidating others. It is a great opportunity that we have to be part of this community of photographers not because we get to learn more about our cameras, but also because we are lucky to meet people from different backgrounds (legal, education, IT, etc) who share the very same interest - photography.

Here are some pictures of that beautiful day we spent at the Lighthouse of Albion and also at the Club Med.

Thank you to all those who came !

Khatleen Minerve

Monday, February 28, 2011

Winner of the logo competition of PAPM

Some weeks ago, we proposed on PAPM that members of the group designed themselves a logo that would represent PAPM and that logo would be subject to the votes of the group members. They would therefore choose a logo that they believe represent the community to which they belong to.

After receiving 34 posts on the logo page, people voted during the week and the winner is ANAS ESMAEL !

His logo is simple, clean and straightforward as he describes it, with 4 persons, each of different colors (Red, Blue, Yellow and Green) holding hands symbolise unity, sharing, caring and togetherness. These are the pillars of the PAPM community.

Such colours were chosen as it's a Mauritian group with people from different cultural backgrounds who share their pictures and their work. As for the shutter speed, it represents the Photography World, our hobby & passion or livelihood.

From now on, this logo will represent our group, a Mauritian community that loves photography and wants to share its photography with the whole world !

Congratulations Anas and a big thank you to all those who participated in the logo competition ! Our group has talent !

Some of the best pics of the last weeks

Hello people,

After a long time, here we are back on the blog. February it seems was a busy month for many of us and March does not seem like vacation either.

Today, I will be posting some of the best pictures I have seen lately on PAPM. I hope you will like them.

Daniel Cheong

Christober Barry
Caudan Waterfront

Christopher Barry
Rochester Falls

Anas Tebayo

 David Christine

 Anas Esmael
Port Louis view by night

Doorgesh Mungur

Tony Cla Photographe

Jack Icard

 Olivier Degrace

Anas Esmael
Lost in its thoughts
Minal Desai Monga
Little Angel

 Joel Capillaire

Jean-Louis Bryan Janvier
Michael Roussel 
"Edley ek so banne"